We’ve all got one of those online friends whose profile photo just sucks.

Maybe it was a bad hair day for them, maybe it was a bad angle or maybe the light was bad. For whatever reason, it just isn’t a good photo.

You have no idea why they chose it as a profile photo. Maybe they were in a rush. Maybe it was the one they had on their desktop when they started their account. Maybe someone else told them it looks good.

The problem is that if you tell them their profile photo sucks,  they might take it the wrong way. They might not understand that you’ve only got their best interests in mind.

What’s the best way to tell them? How great would it be if there was way to tell them their profile photo was awful without letting on that it was you?

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  • I would focus on speaking to the quality (or lack thereof) of the photo specifically, and make a point to stress that you’re not commenting on their physical appearance:

    “I don’t think that profile photo is a fair representation of your good looks. Have you considered another?”

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