Just surfing…

Damn, it’s raining for the first time in months here in Australia, and there are no waves. That means that I am stuck surfing the web instead of those famous Australian point breaks. So, while surfing, not getting wet, I stumbled across two interesting articles.

One, reported by the Guardian, is about the top UK bloggers heading to the States to learn more about blog campaigning. Both Mark Hanson, PR consultant and strategist for the LabourHome website, and Sam Coates, blogging for ConservativeHome.com,are interested in learning more about online campaigning from American think thank organisations. Why? UK's political blog culture is two or three years behind the US, Hanson told the Guardian.

The other story I stumbled across is an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle with Andrew Rasiej, co-founder and publisher of TechPresident, reflecting on the Internet's growing role in elections. Interesting piece! It is not edited; just straight up questions and answers. And while Rasiej isn't revealing anything ground-breaking it is still probably one of the most interesting interviews I have read so far about the role of the Internet in elections. Check it out!

Damn it is nice to have time off.

- Espen