Almost a year ago, I hurt my back playing soccer. It got a bit better, but never 100%. I saw a chiropractor and had acupuncture, but I was still spending part of the day at work laying on the floor. At the same time, I started reading about how bad sitting was for your back (and health in general) and decided that a standing desk would be the way to go.

I got the idea for using cheap IKEA parts from this post on I am not a programmer. It turns out that the LACK table was the perfect height for me without the need for an extra shelf. An Anti-Fatigue Mat rounded out the set-up.

Standing Desk using IKEA furniture

My Standing Desk


I don’t spend the entire day standing, but rather alternate between standing or sitting depending what I’m doing. I also try and go for walks around the office (or around the block, if the weather permits) as often as possible.

My back has been feeling pretty good these days, and while I can’t attribute all of the recovery to the desk (stretches and strengthening exercises definitely played a party), I’m sure it helped.


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  • Were it not for this post I doubt I would have considered an anti-fatigue mat for my own standing desk arrangement.

    Thanks for that.

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