da kine


Back in the day, there was a lot less specialization in all walks of life. Newspapers catered to the masses. There weren't as many TV channels, so each one had to have something for everyone. This increase in specialization doesn't only apply to media. Products are also becoming increasingly specialized.

An excellent example of this is the Da Kine Patrol backpack. While I'm sure that you can use it for other things, it was pretty much developed for the surfer.

While some of the features on the bag, like the laptop sleeve and fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, are pretty generic others are highly specialized. For example, there is a tarp-lined pocket for wax, as well as a another padded pocket for fins.

If I get this bag, I'll only need to pick up the Go Pro camera that David Meerman Scott blogged about and I'll be all set for my trip in late September.