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Say Hello To @AdamGorley, Copy-Editor Extraordinaire

The whole reason I got involved with BlogCampaigning was to check the grammar on Espen's English writing (he's Norwegian, in case you missed it). When Jens started writing for us, I edited his posts as well (based on my small sample size, I'd say that Norwegians frequently mix-up singular and plural when writing in English and Germans write paragraph-long sentences rather than using a few periods). Now, we've got someone else to do that copy editing: Adam Gorley. He's a Toronto-based professional copy editor, and he volunteered to have a look at each of our posts before they go live. I've never thought I was a perfect writer, and I'm sure that long-time readers of this blog will have noticed a few typos, grammatical errors and even unfinished sentences here and there. I don't envy the work he's going to be doing on Jens' posts.

I'm hoping that with Adam Gorley's touch, these things will be a thing of the past.

He's @AdamGorley on Twitter and he also maintains his own blog of miscellany at While he's gainfully employed right now, I'm going to go ahead and say that if you need any help with Copy Editing, he's probably your man.


(PS: I wanted this post to be a surprise for him, so he didn't actually get a chance to edit it. Any errors are mine)

(PPS: Once I saw Adam play a 90-minute game of Ultimate frisbee wearing only sandals when everyone else was wearing cleats - that takes guts)