Edwards campaign fires bloggers – true or false? - Update

Here's the latest news on the so called Edwards/Marcotte Scandal: TPM Cafe:

The Edwards campaign just released statements from Edwards and the two bloggers in the thick of the controversy, and it looks as if the two won't be fired.

The statement says Edwards was "personally offended" by their writings, but that he also believes in "giving everyone a fair shake" and that he's "talked" to the bloggers, that they've assured him "that it was never their intention to malign anyone's faith," and that he takes them "at their word." The statement doesn't directly address the firing question, but it appears that they're going to be okay.

BlogCampaigning think this is a positive outcome and a sign of how much the netroots mean for the Edwards campaign (see statements made on Mydd yesterday)!

Here's a link to the statement posted by Edwards on his blog today.