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Below are a few photos I took on a hike along The King’s Highway, which is a trail across rough lava rock on the south side of Maui. According to the “Every Trail” website, these lava fields are about 200 years old. There is barely any vegetation growing, and the entire landscape looks like Mars (which is why I like this hike so much). If you give it at try, make sure you bring good walking shoes and lots of water. There’s no shade. I also used the Nike+ App on on my iPhone, so if you want to check out the map of what I hiked you can here.



King's Highway, Maui

This is a look of the trail on my way back towards the parking lot - probably about 10km from any other person. In the distance, you can see the West Maui mountains across the bay.


King's Highway, Maui

While part of the trail was crushed lava rock, a lot of it was more rugged. You really had to watch every where you placed your foot or you'd risk rolling an ankle.


King's Highway, Maui

Another look at the Mars-like landscape of the King's Highway trail.


Deer Skeleton

After hiking about 10km, I came across this deer skeleton. It seemed like a good place to turn back.


To get to the King’s Highway, follow the road to Makena beach, and go all the way past La Perouse bay. If you’re into this sort of thing, also check out the History of Maui on Wikipedia.


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