Remember when we were kids and a pair of black, thick framed glasses spelled N-E-R-D and pretty much guaranteed a childhood of teasing, unflattering nicknames and rejection from your peers? Well, it seems like the tables have turned, and nerding out is actually very in. I recently ordered pair of non-prescription nerd glasses. Not because I need them to see, but because I think they actually look cool and have this amazing ability to complete an outfit or an up-do with a hint of sophistication that my other accessories just can’t match. Plus they are actually a lot of fun, and having a sort of alter ego personality helps truly rock the rims.  I liked the idea so much that I got two pairs (as featured in the pictures above).

I know that bold frames have been making a comeback for a while as celebs like Johnny Depp and Rose McGowan toss aside their contacts in favour of a vintage pair of rims.  What I didn’t realize, is that fake nerd glasses are all the rage too. I’ve started to notice them on some of my friends and friends of friends, and a quick Google search results in pages of results for online stores selling rims in all colours, shapes and styles.

What do you think? Are nerd glasses in or out?


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