Super Tuesday is upon us and Ben Silverman of Yahoo! Games wrote up a summary on how the top three candidates from both parties stand on video game legislation. Yeah, wars and immigration and stuff are certainly important, but who wants to take away your Pokemons? But then again this is also about how the frontrunners intend to deal with the intertwining topics of violent media and free speech.

Hillary Clinton
Despite her good intentions, Hillary’s scary track record might be enough to dissuade gamers from putting another Clinton in office.

Barack Obama
Obama is more skeptical of how violent games affect behavior than his rivals, and in turn seems less inclined to legislate right off the bat. That should ring true with gamers.

John Edwards

Edwards is the only candidate willing to outright commend the ESRB’s actions, and while he tempers that with a warning, he puts more trust in the industry than anyone else. If you favor the ESRB, you likely favor Edwards.

John McCain

Compared to his more conservative opponents, McCain is a viable option for Republican gamers, although his ties to Lieberman are worth noting.

Mitt Romney

Obscenity laws? Societal cesspools? Unless you’re wracked with gamer guilt, Romney is one hard sell.

Mike Huckabee

He’s no Mitt Romney. That’s gotta count for something.

Yes, yes, Ron Paul is missing, despite him being the ONLY candidate we can depend on to NOT regulate the Internet and guarantee our First Amendment Rights

(via gamepolitics)


2 Responses to “Yahoo’s Summary on the Candidate’s Stand on Videogames”

  • Nina:

    I only have a few questions that people need to look into and if Hillary can answer them or address them that would be great.

    What are the candidates views on Bilderberg?
    What are the candidates views on the New World Order?
    Does the candidate have any plans on reinvestigating 9/11 or the explosions heard at ground level?

    If any could answer these questions truthfully then I would feel comfortable voting for her.

    I just saw the movie by Alex Jones called ENDGAME and it has completely changed my views on this election. You can view it on youtube. I urge anyone who votes to at least view a few sections of it before you vote.

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