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A few days ago, Jevon MacDonald wrote a post on StartupNorth advising startups to avoid using Public Relations agencies or Marketers to contact him on their behalf. While he was speaking about his site specifically, his statement suggests that hiring a PR firm means a startup’s priorities are “out of wack”.

I disagree. I don’t think that every startup needs a PR firm, but there are certainly many that do. Getting some early coverage can be key to getting investors, and PR firms can help with reaching the right audiences and helping the startup founder tell an interesting story about the company.

While some founders are probably great at writing and communicating, there are equally as many that aren’t. A PR agency can help draft emails, arrange interviews, and develop collateral. These are all things that PR pros excel at, and that would take away from time that a startup founder could probably spend working on the key element of their company.

Tim Lee wrote about a similar topic in a post titled PR Firm as The Anti-Signal, and I followed that one up, too.

What do you think? Should startups be hiring PR companies, or are they a waste of time?


Well, Buzz Canuck has drawn the battle lines in the sand. The cybersand of the interwebs, that is.

We here at BlogCampaigning look forward to competing against the unlinkable Brendan Hodgson and Phillip Jeffrey.

Darren Barefoot, not so much. I’m pretty sure I’d have a way better chance in this tournament if he hadn’t gotten me hooked on this game.

Damn you, Darren.


So its official.

I’ve signed BlogCampaigning up for Sean Moffitt’s 1% Army, a sort of tournament of blogs. Based on some of the other entrants, I think that we are up for some tough competition.

I also think that it will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to really push themselves to crank out some quality posts. This kind of direction and inspiration is what I feel the blogosphere (and particularly this website) has been lacking lately.

It is also a great opportunity to learn about some other great blogs that I have, up until now, missed.
Cheers to Sean for creating this tourney. It should be a great way to round out the summer.

(note to Jens and Espen, Blogcampaigning’s other members: Get off your asses and start writing some posts so we can do this thing!)


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