I don’t know if this is a new trend or simply something unique to Toronto but for most of the summer I noticed that a lot of dudes weren’t wearing socks.

Its not like these people are at the beach – they were at the office and wearing shoes.

While the professionalism of this trend is debatable, I’m more worried about the personal hygiene aspect. Leaving the house in the morning without socks means that you’re probably headed towards 9-10 hours of sweaty feet during the hottest months of the year. Doing this day in, day out in the same pair of shoes just seems like an awful idea.

However, Michael at Avoid Robots makes some good points about the issue. He even suggests that men invest in some shoe-liners (mini-socks) so they can rock the sockless look without the sweat worry.

Is this a trend I just don’t get? Or is it actually a fashion mistake?


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  • With the exception of casual corporate events, rare corporate cultures, and/or certain professions (e.g. modeling), I don’t think there’s any question as to the lack of professionalism with going into work without socks. Footwear for men don’t afford the same flexibility as does the footwear for women; so while a woman can get away with a nice open-toe sandal and still pull it off as chic and professional men cannot — double standard is a bitch — it has to do with traditional gender roles (or at least the perception thereof) and the sociological ideologies about work and what “professional attire” means, especially in light of human right legislation. Take note of the current drama surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and the female news reporter.

    From a hygiene standpoint, I think your reference to Michael’s advice is spot on (i.e. mini-socks). Feet perspire regardless of activity, so repeatedly going sans socks for 9-10 hours per day is a bad recipe for sweat and bacteria, which can and will lead to funky smelling feet and infection – nothing sexy about athlete’s foot.

    I think I would say it’s more professional suicide than fashion mistake (note my qualification above about the exceptions), because fashion – whether rightly or wrongly – is an expression of self, which is subjective; whereas, professionalism is an established and commonly shared societal more.

  • Run2Hill:

    I am alittle late on this response, it’s colder now. You are right to notice the lack of socks. It’s been around for a few years now. I’ve tried it for a summer since others around me were doing it. Going sans socks, I have found, can be sweaty. It can be also embarrassing. After work I just remembered that I had a yearly, physical, doctors appointment scheduled. Getting to the point. I had to remove my shoes. I had on a pair of leather shoes and their was some odor. The doctor asked me if I was wearing socks. Obviously I was not. She examed my feet near the end of the exam and told me it’s not a good idea to wear closed toe shoes without socks. Odor is one thing, and the other, fungus (athlete’s foot). She told me I had some on the bottom around the toes beginning to develop and that damp insoles from not wear a wicking sock are too blame.

  • Run2Hill:

    I remember this blog today as I found the pair of leather shoes that I wore last summer in the back of the closet. I wore them sans socks daily and the leather inside them looks dark and dirty. The insole was curling up in the toe area of the shoe. I had not had them on since I had to remove them a the doctors office, only to leave their in sandals.

  • Andrew Schmid:

    Did it feel nice at all thought going sans socks? The feeling of the leather on your bare feet? It think it’s a nice feeling

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